Scholarship Application Extended

Due to closures in the High Desert School District in consideration of Coronavirus concerns the scholarship application deadline has been extended to April 28th

**Please Note: All students are eligible to submit applications for DVL scholarships if they will turn 18 by December 2020

We celebrate iconic, historical and local extraordinary people of color and character for their great works! We strive to spark discussion that leads to better understanding and tolerance of diversity in our communities.

The Dreamers, Visionaries and Leaders’ Project was established in 2009 and dedicated to honoring the African American contribution to our American History. In 2013 we expanded our efforts to celebrate our Hispanic Brothers and Sisters through the recognition of Hispanic Heritage Month.

We will continue to grow in our inclusiveness of multicultural contributions to our American History.

2018 Black History Month Honorees

  • Ray Brooks

    Ray Brooks

    2018 Lifetime Achievement Honoree
  • Melva Davis

    Melva Davis

    2018 Lifetime Achievement Honoree
  • Terrance Stone

    Terrance Stone

    2018 DVL ICON Honorees
  • Dena Smith

    Dena Smith

    2018 DVL ICON Honorees
  • Pastor Paul Earle

    Pastor Paul Earle

  • Dr. Charmaine Earle

    Dr. Charmaine Earle

  • Dr. Dawit Mamo

    Dr. Dawit Mamo

  • Stephanie Poindexter

    Stephanie Poindexter

  • Dr. Michael Richards

    Dr. Michael Richards

  • Mysheka Ross

    Mysheka Ross

  • Dr. William Taylor

    Dr. William Taylor

  • Michaelangelo Lovett

    Michaelangelo Lovett

2016 Hispanic Heritage Month Honorees

  • Stephanie Pazarin

    Stephanie Pazarin

  • Eric Schmidt

    Eric Schmidt

  • Carlos Sarmiento

    Carlos Sarmiento

  • Diley Greiser

    Diley Greiser

  • Veronica Venegas

    Veronica Venegas

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Thank You For Celebrating 10 Years with Us

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Legacy Scholarships Information

Due to closures in the High Desert School District in consideration of Coronavirus concerns the scholarship application deadline has been extended to April 28th

Welcome to Year Seven of the Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders (“DVL”) Legacy Scholarships Program. We are delighted to once again, present awards to outstanding students who are residents of the High Desert. The DVL Scholarship Project has awarded over twelve thousand dollars in scholarships since 2014!

Thanks to the generosity of our major sponsors, SCE, Victorville Motors, Desert Valley Hospital, C.A.R.S, Southwest Gas and donors, the scholarships have grown in number from three to six scholarship categories. Please note the amount of scholarship is located on scholarship application. Scholarships are awarded directly to the student to use as she or he may need to begin or to continue a college education.

Download Scholarship Applications

2019 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Leslie Anderson

    Leslie Anderson

    2019 DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Nathaniel Roehl

    Nathaniel Roehl

    2019 DVL Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Venetia Munoz-Aguirre

    Venetia Munoz-Aguirre

    2019 DVL Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Annie Jesness

    Annie Jesness

    2019 DVL Leona Griner Scholarship
  • Joylin Johnson

    Joylin Johnson

    2019 DVL Anna Sugi Scholarship

Our Donors

Lillian Walker

2016 Honoree

Debbie Benton

2016 Honoree

Dr. Paul Williams

2014 Honoree

Dr. Barbara Williams

2016 Honoree

Frances Flowers

2016 Honoree

Lillian Dawit Mamo

2016 Honoree

Mr. & Mrs. Reuben Lopez

2016 Honoree

Curtis Green

2016 Honoree

Annie Munn

2016 Honoree

Garner Morris

2016 Honoree

Eddie "Strings" Martin

2016 Honoree

Abigail (Abi) Mariam

2016 Honoree

Professor Al Mariam

2016 Honoree

Paul A. Courtney

2016 Honoree

John Levell

2016 Honoree

Robel "Robby" Mamo

2016 Honoree

Charley Glasper

2016 Honoree

Evelyn Glasper

2016 Honoree

Manny Serrano

2016 Honoree

Roxanne Young

2016 Honoree

Pastor Patrick Foy

2010 Honoree

Caroll Yule


Mr. & Mrs. Felix Diaz

2013 Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Derek King

2014 Honoree

Carlos Sarmiento

2016 Honoree

Dr. Dawit Mamo

2016 Honoree

Charles Bibbs

2016 Honoree

Bounce Realty

Scholarship Partner

Victorville Motors

2016 Honoree

Desert Valley Hospital

2016 Honoree


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