DVL Mentor Program


Kaiser’s grant support will enable us to expand our outreach to more than 20 public and private high schools in the High Desert/Victor Valley region.

The California Board and PEW Research cite that although there have been increases in the number of Latino and African American students who enroll in college, we are still seeinga significantly lower percentage of first time and full time students actually complete their college education. This presents a unique opportunity to improve these odds for High Desert students.

 DVL believes this can be achieved through a robust mentors program that keeps mentors engaged with students throughout their college experience, offers guidance in personal and professional growth, and provides a point of contact to help overcome challenges along the way.

 We are most grateful for the positive influence and experience that our mentors bring to this program.  The opportunity provided to our DVL Scholars is invaluable.

Support Data

According to the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics (2016), the six year graduation rate for first-time, full-time undergraduate students who began their pursuit of a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year degree-granting institution in fall 2008 was 60 percent.

 That is, 60 percent of first-time, full-time students who began seeking a bachelor’s degree at a 4-year institution in fall 2008 completed the degree at that institution by 2014. The 6-year graduation rate was 58 percent at public institutions, 65 percent at private nonprofit institutions, and 27 percent at private for-profit institutions. The 6-year graduation rate was 57 percent for males and 62 percent for females; it was higher for females than for males at both public (61 vs. 55 percent) and private nonprofit institutions (68 vs. 62 percent). However, at private for-profit institutions, males had a higher 6-year graduation rate than females (28 vs. 25 percent). 

 By pairing each DVL scholar with a mentor, we will encourage the scholars to graduate within the four to six year period.

Our Scholars & Mentors

Opeyemi E. Ogunrinde – UCLA
Mentor: Dr. Rahul Nayaar
Madison Glick – Cal Poly Pomona
Mentor: Stephanie Poindexter
Evelyn Placensia – UC Riverside
Mentor: Melva Davis
Adrian Gutierrez – California Baptist University
Mentor: Dr. William Taylor
Briana Huynh – UC San Diego
Mentor: Mysheka Ross
Gianna Pineda – California Baptist University
Mentor: Michelangelo Lovett

Award Winners
Jordan WalkerUndecided
Weatherspoon Family Encouragement Award

Quiana BuckleyUndecided
DVL & CASA Resilient Youth Award

Tianni PittsUndecided
DVL & CASA Resilient Youth Award

Jacob Collin Ray – Stanford
Mentor: Wilton Bell
Jessica Siyuan Poon – UC Santa Barbara
Mentor: Elvin Momon
Jenifer Hunsucker – UCLA
Mentor: Roxanne Young
Geng-Wei Lee – UCLA
Mentor: Melanie Ajanwachuku
Ke’airah Benson – Cal Poly Pomona
Mentor: Grayson Bell

Khalil Hoskins – USC
Mentor: Curtis Green
Caylin Yorba-Ruiz – UC RIverside
Mentor: Dr. Helena Johnson
Ciara Wheeler – Oregon State
Mentor: Roxanne Young
Megan Ehlers – CSU Long Beach
Mentor: Manny Serrano
Alexandra Gessesse – UC Santa Barbara
Mentor: Ebony Purcell
Tolulope Ogunrinde – UCLA
Adam Stevenson- VVC

Chandler Brown – Harvard University
Mentor: Abigail Mariam
Julie Vu – UCLA
Mentor: Derek King
Krystsina Shabanava- UCLA
Mentor: Eric Schmidt
Katie Deimling – California Baptist University
Mentor: Sarah Shabazz-Ugwumba
Josseline Herrera – USC
Caylin Yorba-Ruiz – UC Riverside
Mentor: Dr. Helena Johnson

Annie Tsai – CSU Berkley
Mentor: Dr. Lakieta Emanuel
Zackery Maroste – California Baptist University
Mentor: John Levell
Anjelina Lopez-Rosende – UCLA
Mentor: Theresa Polley-Shellcroft
Emily Thielen – The Masters College
Mentor: Stephanie Pazarin
Cinthia Gazca – UC San Diego
Najah Williams – Howard University

Our Scholarship Graduates

Congratulations to Our 2018 Scholarship College Graduates

We are so proud to share our first class of graduates who were assisted by our scholarships! We applaud of your success, motivation, and accomplishments!

Annie Tsai
2014 Dr. Gerard Brown Legacy Scholarship
Graduated From:
University of California Berkley

Zackery Maroste
2014 Dr. Gerard Brown Legacy Scholarship
Graduated From:
California Baptist University

Angelina Lopez-Rosende
2014 Ms. Leona Griner Scholarship
Graduated From:
University of California Los Angeles

Emily Thielen
2014 Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
Graduated From:
The Masters College

Najah Williams
2014 Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
Graduated From:
Howard University

Katie Deimling
2015 Ms. Anna Sugi Scholarship
Graduated From:
California Baptist University