Regina Weatherspoon-Bell

 Entreprenuer • Consultant • Community Advocate • Motivational Speaker

Shenomenal Women

Shenomenal Women brings twenty-three phenomenal stories of triumph and victories. The women who share their experiences with transparency in this book were once where you may be. Making a decision that their life needed a change, they each had to embark on their own healing journey, confronting past choices that kept them in a cycle of hurt and disappointment.

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Regina Weatherspoon-Bell

Be fearless, Be brave, Be BOLD…Love Yourself!

“We are the Change We’ve Been Looking For!”    What we feed ourselves mind, body and spirit is critical and essential to our ability to THRIVE!    In part, my life’s purpose is to be a nurturer and encourage each of us to be the best version of who we are purposed to be.   Words are powerful and important and when paired with focused and deliberate plans of action –All things positive are POSSIBLE!

Let me be a part of helping you look within and bring forth the greatness of your purpose. Let me help you develop your strategy and master plan to succeed beyond!

Through the guiding principles that have led me to develop a strong work ethic and business skill set, coupled with a heart for community and  service – I richly value the opportunity to speak, explore and share with individuals, groups, businesses and organizations methods, practices and techniques to motivate, inspire, empower and enhance your purpose, goals and mission!

About Regina

Regina Weatherspoon-Bell is owner and president of Gi & Associates a boutique Marketing, Consulting & Event Production Company established in 2005. She brings over 20 years of service as a volunteer and board member to several High Desert faith based, non-profit, and community service organizations. She mentors teenagers, young and professional women. Through her philanthropic efforts she’s helped to raise in excess of $800,000 in funding and services which has been donated to a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations in the High Desert.

Her professional experience spans over 25 years in management consulting, public relations, strategic marketing and planning. She remains an advisor to the CEO of Lil Mogul Holdings owned by actress, director, and producer, Kim Fields.

Regina is the founder of the Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders Project (DVL Project) that celebrates and honors multicultural contributions to the High Desert and our American History. Since 2009 the DVL Project has honored over 188 local African American and Hispanic citizens for their professional accomplishments and contributions to the High Desert community. In 2014 the DVL Legacy Scholarship program was established. To date the program has awarded over 40 scholarships to local High Desert senior and college students. The Scholarship program includes a Scholar-Mentor program pairing each DVL Scholarship recipient with a DVL mentor. One of the unique and most impacting qualities of the program is mentors commit to stay with their mentee during the student’s entire undergraduate experience.

Currently Regina serves as Deputy Director for San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood. In her own words, “It’s an honor and privilege to serve the Supervisor and the constituents of the First District.”

Regina resides in Apple Valley with the loves of her life; her husband, Wilton, their son, Grayson and her father, Frank Weatherspoon.


  • Now That I Found Me – What Do I Do?
    Workshop to help women develop a life plan implementing their truth and purpose.
  • Really Facing My Fears – It Sounds Good
    Learning how to identify and face your fears and really do it!
  • There’s A Successful Business Woman in Me
    Learning the fundamentals and steps of designing your business plan for success.
  • How Do I Make It Work?
    How do I handle being the Wife/Girlfriend, Mom, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Colleague & find time for me? Prioritizing, Time Out, Time Management, Defining Self-Love & Self-preservation.
  • AGING –“Nuf Said!”
    Exploring the truth of women aging in a society that is youth focused. Learning to accept the gift of aging!


Although not expected but appreciated, Regina has received several kudos, honors and recognitions for her community service including:


Anna Sugi Legacy Award
Presented by: Choice Medical Group & American Cancer Society

Today’s Woman Legacy Award
Presented by: Today’s Woman Foundation

Legacy Award Recognitions from Elected Officials:
Congressman Paul Cook, 8th District
Senator Scott Wilk
Assemblyman Jay Obernolte, 33rd District
City of Victorville, CA
City of Hesperia, CA
Town of Apple Valley, CA


Humanitarian Award
Southern California Black Chamber of Commerce  (High Desert Chapter)

National Women’s History Month Recognition
League of California Cities Women’s Caucus



Special Resolution
from Honorable Senator Sharon Runner

Distinguished Community Service Award
Victor Valley College Foundation

Humanitarian Award
San Bernardino County African Americans Association of Employees


State of California Woman of the Year
59th District  Assembly


Women 2 Women Recognition
Heritage Victor Valley Medical Group

Service Recognition
San Bernardino County Probation Department

Commencement Speaker Recognition
San Joaquin Valley College

Unity Award
Victor Valley African American Chamber of Commerce

Most Inspiring Woman of the Year Award
by Daily Press

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Regina/Gigi “ISIMS”

Here are some thoughts and words of inspiration and motivation I speak to myself and often share with others. They are my words and thoughts rooted in experience and wisdom gained from others.
They are my \’isims\’

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What Others Are Saying…

  • Regina’s grace, intelligence, and passion is the perfect combination for an inspirational speaker who has the ability to capture the heart and attention of each person in attendance. Regina has the unique ability to highlight the beauty in our cultural differences while uniting and inspiring us to dream bigger, achieve more, and help others. Regina’s steadfast commitment to supporting and enhancing the quality of life in the high desert, as well as her time tested track record of success in connecting people and resources delights me in giving her my highest recommendation as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator, and mentor.

    McKenzie Tarango, Ed.D.
    Coordinator Alternative Education, Enrichment & Special Projects
  • My name is Reverend Yolanda Roberts, Founder of A Daughter’s Voice Ministries, Inc. (ADVMS). Our non-profit organization focuses on mental healing, restoration, and empowerment of our young girls and women. Our programs assist young girls and women in developing their character, positive relationships, and educational success.

    I’ve had the honor of working with Mrs. Regina Weatherspoon-Bell at our “Helping Our Princesses Evolve (H.O.P.E)” Workshop. Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell, one of our guest speakers in building our young girls, was phenomenal. I developed enormous respect for her commitment, dedication, and community service to the well-being of our daughters, and the work of our organization. Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell took the time to meet with me before the workshop and offered her assistance if needed. I also became aware of the vast amount of experience and knowledge and hard work building our High Desert communities.

    It has been a privilege to work with a selfless, intelligent, brilliant, and dedicated woman of determination for the High Desert. It is with honor that I write this statement of endorsement for Mrs. Regina Weatherspoon-Bell. I support all that she does to improve the lives and communities in the High Desert.

    Reverend Yolanda Roberts
    A Daughter’s Voice Ministries, Inc.
  • The Definition of a Phenomenal Woman is Regina Bell. Dynamic charisma and pedagogy, I have know Mrs Bell for over 10 years and have always been impressed by her presence and professionalism. I had the honor of receiving the DVL Community Icon Award from her in 2018 and this has been the highlight of my career. I recommend Regina in any arena of people that needs to be educated and motivated.

    Terrance Stone
    Young Visionaries Youth Leadership Academy
  • I am pleased to provide a statement that attests to your high level of professionalism, high skills and dedication to empowering others. I have both personally and professionally benefited from your expertise and motivational empowerment. The residents of Time for Change Foundation and the community are blessed to have you! 

    Wishing you all the success in your future endeavors! 

    Kim Carter
    CNN HERO 2015 & Founder
    Time for Change Foundation
  • It is my honor and privilege to endorse Regina Weatherspoon-Bell as an exceptionally gifted speaker, facilitator, and mentor to young girls and women.  As Executive Director and former President of Today’s Woman Foundation, a non-profit organization that serves the High Desert community of San Bernardino County, I am in awe of the impact Regina is making in the lives of others.

    What makes Regina so much more than a great communicator is her genuine love for others.  Her life’s mission is to serve her community and while she shows up looking like a million dollars, she is down to earth, transparent, professional and relatable in any audience setting – yes, she is the full package.  Regina is one of the most respected individuals in the High Desert community. Time and again, I have observed her speaking to a group of young women who are in the midst of crisis, some in shelters and she gives these women hope and a new found belief in themselves. 

    Regina walks her talk as evidenced by the non-profit she founded known as Dreamers, Visionaries, and Leaders. Not only does she raise significant money to provide annual scholarships for high school graduates, she respects the multi-cultural community in which she serves by hosting events that honor diversity.

    In closing, it should be known that Today’s Woman Foundation is honoring Regina at its 3rd Annual Black Dress Affaire Gala on September 7, 2019.  She is the 2019 LEGACY AWARD recipient and is receiving this recognition for the hard work and support she has consistently provided to women in the community for over 15 years. I endorse this incredible woman whole-heartedly and without hesitation. 

    Cindy Bostick
    Executive Director
    Today’s Woman Foundation
  • It has been my pleasure to work with Regina Weatherspoon-Bell on various different projects in the High Desert for well over 10 years, including, but no limited to the Dreamers Visionaries and Leaders project and the Today’s Woman Foundation.  Regina truly cares about our community and is consistently professional, prepared and fully committed to the task at hand.  I highly recommend Regina as a speaker, event/workshop facilitator and as a mentor, specifically for young women.  She is easy to speak to and work with and has always followed through.  She would be an asset to any program.

    Coleen Quinn
    Operations Manager
    El Dorado Broadcasters, Victorville, CA
  • Our organization offers a program titled “Show Your Hearts Not Your Body Parts” for girls ages 12-20. A few years ago we met with Regina to discuss our program and from that point on she has been a continuous support. She was the keynote speaker at our 2018 Show Your Hearts banquet, a motivational speaker at our monthly Sister Circle meeting (where she had a profound effect on everyone that attended) as well as a cheerleader for everyone involved in the program, participants and volunteers alike. She has bestowed Women of Noble Character with several accommodations, including accommodations from her non-profit organization (Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders Project) and has assured us of her continued support in the future.

    Regina is someone who has a heart for serving and helping people, people of all circumstances. Wherever there is a need she is willing to get involved in whatever capacity she can. Her exemplary character permeates everything she does. Women of Noble Character is honored to have the support of Regina Weatherspoon-Bell.

    Rasiene Reece
    Women of Noble Character
  • I am writing this letter on behalf of myself and as Mayor of the Town of Apple Valley.

    Regina Weatherspoon-Bell I have known for over 7 years. Regina has been an inspiration in our community with her work in the County office of the District Supervisor and along with her work with Dreamers, Visionaries and Leaders. Regina has been involved with most of the community organizations in all the cities in the High Desert.

    Regina does a great job with communications whether one on one or being The Mistress of Ceremony for an event. Regina would be an asset for any organization she is part of.

    Her work throughout the community has impacted many of our younger generation that will help them grow into productive citizens for our communities.  Let me know if you would like any further information from me.

    Larry Cusack
    Mayor Town of Apple Valley & Owner
    Apple Valley Communications
  • I met Regina working as a field representative for the State Legislature about three years ago. The first time I heard Regina speak I was so inspired and motivated; she speaks with great knowledge and understanding of what is really going on in our community. Regina is so passionate and committed to making a positive difference in our community though her non-profit organization Dreamers, Visionaries, and Leaders (DVL) Project. I have had the opportunity to attend some of her events and they have truly been a great success and inspirational, she advocates and empowers community leaders to make a change everyday. 

    Regina is a role model to a lot of young girls and women. I am more than confident that she can make a huge difference in our community. I have requested advice from Regina and she has always provided great support and guidance. I am so happy to say that Regina is my mentor and I can count on her with any question I may have. Regina’s contributions to our community are a tremendous asset. 

    Isis Fuentes M.A.
    Field Representative
    CA State Legislature
  • It gives me great pleasure to recommend Regina Weatherspoon-Bell as a Motivational Speaker. I have had the privilege of working with her for the last three years. 

    Within the first moments of our meeting, I found that Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell was welcoming, warm, and kind. Through the years, she has demonstrated patience, positivity, and fairness; has provided constructive coaching, encouragement, and motivation; and has proven to be a role model as well as an inspiration to my colleagues and myself. She is a consummate professional and possesses outstanding leadership abilities. 

    Mrs. Weatherspoon-Blell recently served as an invited spearker with the “12 Powers of Family Business Program.” The participants were engaged and appreciative fo teh wealth of knowledge she imparted. Her exuberence, preparedness, and resourcefulness were evident. 

    I contend that Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell is a wonderful mentor for young girls and women. I have been very fortunate to be in her company. She has been an inspiration to me. Her talents are many; her warmth is genuine; her message is powerful and long lasting. She would be an excellent motivational speaker for any organization. 

    Laura A. Villa
    The 12 Powers of Family Business Program
  • It is my pleasure to write this statement of endorsement for Regina Bell and her position as a Motivational Speaker and Mentor. I’ve known Regina for over eight years and have been very impressed with her strong commitment to the youth and her community in the High Desert.

      As the founder of the Dreamers, Visionaries, and Leaders Project, Regina unselfishly produced a program to recognize multicultural leaders who have made a significant contribution to our History in the art, education, business, and health communities. I am very honored to have been one of those recipients of the prestigious DVL Award for the art community.

     Through the exceptional DVL Scholarship Program, Regina has demonstrated to the community her sincere passion for supporting the youth and helping aspiring students in achieving their goals in education, which I also had a pleasure working with her on the DVL Scholarship Selection Committee.

    Regina is highly qualified for the role of a Motivational Speaker and Mentor and without a doubt, her service in this position will inspire girls and make a positive impact on their lives and in the High Desert community.

    Charles A. Bibbs
    Fine Artist
  • My name is Marilyn Drone and I am the Chief Operating Officer/Chief Nursing Officer of St. Mary Medical Center, a Providence St. Joseph Health System ministry. I am writing on behalf of Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell who has been and remains a strong community influencer who has performed in many roles in the High Desert Region including the development of a non-profit organization known as the Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders Project (DVL). This program represents Mrs. Weatherspoon Bell’s promise to honor local High Desert residents for achievements in community service.

    Additionally, in her highly visible position serving as the Deputy Director for San Bernardino County First District Supervisor Robert Lovingood, she demonstrates commitment and a genuine ability to connect with those around her.

    I personally know Mrs. Weatherspoon-Bell and have worked side-by-side with her on our Board of Trustees and have found her to be a caring, compassionate and driven professional who keeps the best interests of the people she serves a priority. She will serve well as a motivational speaker, workshop facilitator and as a mentor to young girls and women.

    Her remarkable talents are felt throughout the High Desert and the San Bernardino County region and her ability to use them to motivate others is a natural trait. I have no reservations about her succeeding in her new ventures and know that she will excel.

    Marilyn Drone, MSN, RN
    Chief Operating Officer, Chief Nursing Officer
    St. Joseph Health, St. Mary Medical Center
  • I have known Regina in both professional and personal capacities for over ten years, and I know her to be not only passionate but also giving. There is always a bigger purpose to the work that she does which adds a pleasure when joining her team for projects. 

    When I met Regina, I was just starting out in my career and she was very helpful with continued support from opportunities to advice. Her ability to care, despite her own circumstances in unfounded even when unnoticed.  In my time knowing her she has developed many community organizations and focuses her expertise on the underserved and is always finding ways to build up and empower local communities. 

    Her wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm is inspiring and whether you are working with her or learning from her you can always count on Regina to give her all to everything she commits herself to. 

    Holly Peters
    Creative Director
    pH Collective
  • I have had the pleasure of working with Regina Weatherspoon-Bell since 2014 when I first arrived in teh High Desert. Working within the office of San Bernardino County Supervisor 1st District Robert Lovingood, she reached out to me inquiring of me what I have discovered to be the five most pressing challenges facing Desert Valley Hospital. Mental Health Services and Homelessness were at the top of the list and she immediately took that information back to the Supervisor’s office and brokered meetings between the High Desert hospitals, Law Enforcement Agencies, Behavioral Health groups, and other community members. She has continued to keep these two issus on the forefront to ensure that not ony is this unfortunate population represented, but to also to continue to examine what possible solutions exist and how best to provide support services to this popualtion. 

    Additionally, Ms. Weatherspoon-Bell has founded a non-profit organization appropriately named Dreamers, Visionaries, nand Leaders Project (DVL Project) where individuals of color are recognized for their life acheivements and service in their communities. Scholarships are also an integral part of the DVL Project where young lives are positively impacted through the support of a higher education through this scholarship model. Regina is selfless in her efforts of the DVL Project yet remains quite humble in her continued work to create a stepping stone to a future generation that may not have otherwise been tangible. 

    Regina is constantly giving, not only of herself, but of her time. Her tireless work to reach out to everyone and anyone is a rally cry fro all to come together as one. I cannot say enough about how her professionalism, her commitment to the high desert, and her friendship will continue to shape the future for years to come. 

    Fred Hunter
    Chief Executive Officer
    Desert Valley Hospital / Desert Valley Medical Group

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