Application Period

2022 Scholarship Application Submission Period is
January 9 – March 24, 2023

All applications must be received by the High Desert Community Foundation no later than 5pm, March 24, 2023.

2023 Scholarship Applications

Please Note: In consideration of the COVID-19 restrictions, submission of Official and/or Certified Transcripts are acceptable.

2023 Scholarship Program

Welcome to Year Nine of the Dreamers, Visionaries & Leaders (“DVL”) Legacy Scholarships Program. We are delighted to once again, present awards to outstanding students who are residents of the High Desert. The DVL Scholarship Project has awarded over $25,000.00 (Twenty Five Thousand Dollars) in scholarships since 2014!


Thanks to the generosity of our Donors, the scholarships have grown in number from the original three to five scholarship categories of five hundred dollars each awarded directly to the student to use as she or he may need to begin or to continue a college education.


The DVL Legacy Scholarships are Namesakes and are awarded in memory of six individuals and past and present DVL Honorees who made major contributions to the High Desert Region during their lifetimes. They are:

  • Gerard Brown (1921-1998), Pioneer oral surgeon & community leader
  • Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin (1934-2009), Faith based community leader & elected official
  • Leona Griner (1932-2012), Artist & naturalist
  • Anna Sugi (1960-2010), Founder of Today’s Woman Foundation & business woman
  • Garner C. Morris (1933-2020), Fondly known as “Mr. Victorville” for his passionate leadership as a community advocate.
  • DVL Honorees Award–Multiple previous DVL Awardees for outstanding contributions in entrepreneurialism, visual or performing arts, education, law, military service, community activism.
  • *Lauri Amber Diggs *Indicates Newly Added Legacy

Our Scholarships

The DVL Legacy Scholarship Project recognizes students who best meet the standards of academic achievement and community involvement. 

Dr. Gerard Brown
Pioneer Oral surgeon, Businessman, High Desert Community Leader & Mentor
Ms. Leona Griner
Visual Artist and Naturalist
Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin
Faith Based & Community Leader, Teacher and Mentor
Anna Sugi
Businesswoman & Founder of the Today’s Woman Foundation
DVL Honorees Award
Entrepreneurialism, expression in the visual or performing arts, or community service. Scholarship funded by DVL Honorees
DVL Legacy Garner C. Morris
Fondly known as Mr. Victorville, passionate community advocate.
DVL Legacy Garner C. Morris
Fondly known as Mr. Victorville, passionate community advocate.
DVL Law & Justice Scholarship
Newly Added
Lauri Amber Diggs 
Newly Added
Lauri Amber Diggs
Newly Added

History of the Project

The scholarship project is an outgrowth of the parent project, Dreamers, Visionaries and Leaders, (an Affiliate Fund of the High Desert Community Foundation) which each year recognizes those who have contributed in some way to the livability of this region. In 2014, its sixth year of honoring local adult and young citizens whose contributions have enriched this region, Founder and Executive Director Regina Bell chose to expand the success of the DVL project by adding a scholarship component.

Our Recipients

The DVL Scholarship Project awarded over three thousand dollars in scholarships in its first year, and it accepts applications and awards the scholarships regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, disability or social or economic class or religious affiliation. 

The DVL Project was delighted to learn that the students selected for the DVL Legacy Scholarships were recipients also of several other highly selective scholarships for their achievements in high school and their contributions to their communities. 

2020 DVL Scholarship Recipients

2019 DVL Scholarship Recipients

2018 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Opeyemi E. Ogunrinde

    Opeyemi E. Ogunrinde

    Dr. Gerard Brown
  • Madison Glick

    Madison Glick

    Ms. Anna Sugi Scholarship
  • Evelyn Placensia

    Evelyn Placensia

    Ms. Leona Griner Scholarship
  • Adrian Gutierrez

    Adrian Gutierrez

    Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Briana Huynh

    Briana Huynh

    DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Gianna Pineda

    Gianna Pineda

    DVL Honorees Scholarship

2017 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Jacob Collin Ray

    Jacob Collin Ray

    DVL Honoree Scholarship
  • Jessica Siyuan Poon

    Jessica Siyuan Poon

    Ms. Anna Sugi Scholarship
  • Jenifer Hunsucker

    Jenifer Hunsucker

    Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Geng-Wei Lee

    Geng-Wei Lee

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Ke'airah Benson

    Ke'airah Benson

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship

2016 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Adam Stevenson

    Adam Stevenson

    Weatherspoon Family Encouragement Award
  • Alexandra Gessesse

    Alexandra Gessesse

    DVL Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Ciara Wheeler

    Ciara Wheeler

    DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Megan Ehlers

    Megan Ehlers

    DVL Anna Sugi Scholarship
  • Tolulope Ogunrinde

    Tolulope Ogunrinde

    DVL Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Caylin Yorba-Ruiz

    Caylin Yorba-Ruiz

    DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Khalil Hoskins

    Khalil Hoskins

    Ms. Leona Griner Scholarship

2015 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Caylin Yorba -Ruiz

    Caylin Yorba -Ruiz

    Leona Griner Scholarship
  • Josseline Herrera

    Josseline Herrera

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Neena Mohan

    Neena Mohan

    Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Chandler Brown

    Chandler Brown

    DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Julie Vu

    Julie Vu

    DVL Honorees Scholarship
  • Katie Diemling

    Katie Diemling

    Anna Sugi Scholarship
  • Krystsina Shabanava

    Krystsina Shabanava

    Anna Sugi Scholarship Recipient unable to attend DVL photo session

2014 DVL Scholarship Recipients

  • Najah Williams

    Najah Williams

    Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Emily Thielen

    Emily Thielen

    Bishop Nathaniel Ruffin Scholarship
  • Anjelina Lopez-Rosende

    Anjelina Lopez-Rosende

    Leona Griner Scholarship
  • Annie Tsai

    Annie Tsai

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Zackery Maroste

    Zackery Maroste

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship
  • Cinthia Gazca

    Cinthia Gazca

    Dr. Gerard Brown Scholarship